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Kissing baby crocs at Lago Niassa in Mozambique circa 2012

Kissing baby crocs at Lago Niassa in Mozambique circa 2012

I had a farm in Africa..
— Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

As for me, I had a house. Still do. 2 acres, mostly unfarmed.

It doesn't make for a good quote, perhaps, but my stories that came out of Africa helped mold and shape me into whatever it is I am today. Much of it is catalogued in my blog that I retired in July 2017 after running out of free space.

The former former optimist thing comes from my early years in Africa where I felt like my optimism for life simply vanished faced with the shakeup of moving to a new culture where everything felt a bit crazy. But after a few years of settling in and getting more comfortable in my new skin, I recognized I truly was still an optimist even if I knew the well pump wouldn't be working that day or the power would go off all day, or all week... one never knows. I originally called my blog The Former Optimist, later The Former Former Optimist, and after moving back to the U.S. rebranded as The Expats Return.

So go ahead. Check it out. 2016-17 is mostly just U.S. travels so if you want to read about Africa you gotta go back further. And further it goes: 2006. Categories of note include Mozambique, Malawi and humor. And if you're more U.S.-inclined, plenty of pretty pics from Oregon, Washington and other states. Our Brazil trip was pretty epic. As for that unfarmed 2 acres? Chances are you'll get some views of it if you check out the house category.