District 1 Championship Meet

Trinity Thunder Cross Country competed in our final meet of the season, District 1 Championship Meet, at Tualatin High School on Oct 25, 2018. We competed in 2 events, the men's varsity 5000 meter 2A/1A with 45 runners and women's varsity 5000 meter 3A/2A/1A with 73 runners.

Our men’s team placed 5th out of 5 in one of the rare times when we could compete as a 5-person team so we can score. One of our runners did not come due to illness so the women did place with a team score.

The plan during the season is to keep improving so that our runners can peak as they come into districts at the end of the season and we saw that trend continue with several of our runners achieving personal records again:

  • Annika at 22:52

  • Devyn at 25:23

  • Lia at 25:00

  • Sophia at 30:38

  • Dominic at 20:48

  • Gabe Canfield at 21:12

  • Tovi at 20:47

[official results here]

When you compare our earlier race at this same course from Sept 8 it’s fun to see the time improvements nearly 2 months later (ordered by time improvement for the same course from the beginning of the season to the end to more readily show a direct improvement even though the course had a slight change):

  • Jacob from 33:36 to 28:59 (277 second improvement)

  • Annika from 25:20 to 22:52 (148 second improvement)

  • Tovi from 22:06 to 20:47 (79 second improvement)

  • Lia from 26:14 to 25:00 (74 second improvement)

  • Gabe Cowley from 19:32 to to 18:22 (70 second improvement)

  • Gabe Canfield from 21:44 to 21:12 (32 second improvement)

  • Sophia jumping from 3000 meters to 5000 meters for the same course. Her first 5K of the season on 9/15 was 32:31 whereas her last was 30:38.

  • Devyn’s first 5K of the season had her at 29:40 down to 25:23

  • Dominic’s first 5K of the season at 22:02 down to 20:48 in just one month’s time

  • Luke M at 23:14 for his first 5K of the season down 20:58 for his season record

  • Ruth first 5K of the season was 31:21 and last 27:59