Braking Cycles

Portland has a lot of things going for it and some pretty big passions that keep popping up. Coffee and biking culture are two of those elements that I'm happy to support and Braking Cycles, a new storefront shop at 3354 SE Powell Blvd, marries the two beautifully. If you're the kind of person who likes supporting good causes, they've got a pretty great one and 100% of the profits made here support the following:

Braking Cycles celebrates and taps into the love of Portland's beautiful bike, coffee, and art cultures to raise awareness of the destructive cycles that keep our young people trapped and hopeless. 

Through this unique social entrepreneurial endeavor, Braking Cycles offers Portland's at-risk youth, hope and tangible services that provide them an opportunity to dream, reach, and achieve. We believe this is where healthy self sufficiency can become the new cycle.

The idea behind using a business to support humanitarian progress isn't new, but most places I've run across don't usually make such an inviting and beautiful spot. As you can see from the photo gallery below, the actual place where you'd be hanging out chatting with your friends and working on your freelance projects is über inviting. The Brazilian medium roast I drank was very enjoyable. I'm already making plans to head back soon!