Lanna Cafe

I honestly don't know how this seems to happen, but when I travel I just sorta get sucked into a coffee vortex. This time it was hanging out with my buddy Brad who just happens to help out with this really cool coffee enterprise called Lanna. Two years ago it involved me and a Chinese family driving into the hills between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in search of a Muslim Chinese coffee growing tribe called the Wawee.

But I'm not complaining. Anything but! Really enjoyed getting to know some of the good folks running Lanna. Enjoyed checking out a few of their shops, meeting a roaster and a few of the business folks...even sat in on a roasting/cupping sessions with some total coffee nerds who owned some serious machinery and had books listing all kinds of roasting profiles.

This is where I realize I know NOTHING!

The guy in the pink shirt below gave me THE BEST strawberry ever!

The strong man below is from the American south and felt led to set up a Crossfit gym. I got to work out there and enjoyed a chat with him.

The containers actually are some kind of American university program abroad deal set up right next to RX Cafe.

If I didn't already have a life and job elsewhere, I'd be tempted to join the thousands of other expats living it up cheaply in beautiful (but smoggy) Chiang Mai.