Leach Botanical Gardens

There's a little slide of paradise just down the road from me at Foster and Southeast 122nd. As to why it's taken me so long to experience Leach Botanical Garden for myself, I'll just chalk up to being busy. But in March I needed to get a few snapshots for a client in a pretty environment so we all descended on a fine spring day to see what we could see. We were not disappointed!

As for those client headshots? Head over to CultureBound.org's about page. Mark's shot comes from a favorite food cart called La Osita he frequents. (That was a yummy shoot). Terry loves books, A LOT, so we shot indoors in front of Mark's bookshelf. Lauren's shot comes from Mt. Tabor last year. Michael provided his own image. But Karen, Barb and Jon went with images I shot at Leach.