Getting Fitter

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It was easy to predict from my future-looking vantage point in Africa that I would put on weight in the U.S. It is inevitable. Different diet, lots of food around that looks appealing, sweets all over the place. Even in a home that eats relatively healthy, the pounds crept on. Our first summer back in the U.S. after 13+ years living abroad, I broke my wrist and shoulder blade because of a mountain bike accident. I was in pain and mostly motionless for a few months.

A year went by and I had reached my all-time high of 180 pounds. I'm 5 foot 7 inches, so I was certainly feeling sluggish on my runs. In the fall of 2017 I took on a head coaching position for the cross country team at Trinity Academy. That gave me good consistency in being out most days running with the kids, but the weight still wasn't coming off. It was looking like I would have to try something a bit more drastic.

I was pretty skinny in Africa; despite the loads of carbs, life was just that much harder, hotter and more physically demanding. I wanted to get back to those days of weighing in around 140-145. Could I do it?

Sometime in November of 2017 an acquaintance in Portland posted on Facebook about a program created for dads over 40. Her dad had been on the program, as had some uncles, and had great reports of how well they were doing. I figured the cost was worth it to get back my health. I needed a team of guys around me encouraging me through the Facebook group, regular email updates asking how I'm doing and sending me links to workout videos, meal plans that tasted great yet helped me cut out the excess stuff that wasn't helping (rice, bread, white potatoes, sugar).

The main thing was changing my diet, especially those first two months. But that alone started to shed the pounds. Then I kicked in the weight training, all nicely explained to me in the documents and videos online. High Intensity Interval Training, kettlebell workouts, free weights. I prefer cardio workouts and just added those on my own but did try to stick to a schedule for the first 2 months. I tracked my weight and exercise every day. I've never been a great student, so by "sticking to" I mean loosely following. But it was close enough to see results pretty quickly.

By January 8, I had already been on the Fit Father program for a month and 8 days and had lost 16 pounds.

By January 8, I had already been on the Fit Father program for a month and 8 days and had lost 16 pounds.

I'm not yet at my target weight. I still have another 10 pounds or so to go for that. But I'm getting close and after a summer of training for a half marathon that I hope to run in late August, I'm hopeful. Click below to learn more (disclaimer: this is my personal referral link and I do get a bit of a kickback if new clients sign up).

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