Harvest Classic

The Harvest Classic in Longview, Washington was a fun, laid-back fundraiser event that cross country teams participated in along with the general public. It was a fast, flat course. Two of our athletes chose to try to run the 10K (Annika and Joseph, for their first 10K race ever) and both came out with award ribbons with first place for their age categories.

Other family members were able to enjoy strapping on their racing shoes for the 5K (Brent and Lisa M and yours truly) and 10K (Coach Brenda) and even the 1/4 mile fun run for kids (some of Annika & Tovi’s siblings as well as Lucian & Mira’s sister).

Raffle prizes were randomly assigned to bib numbers and Trinity folks came out with a $25 gift card, an assortment of jam, a bottle of wine and a few other goodies. Of course we can’t forget that yummy hot cider freshly pressed and freely offered as is so fitting of the fall season.

As coaches it was a lot of fun to run with our student athletes. Coach Brenda swept 1st place in her age category for the 10K while I picked up a 2nd place win for my age category in the 5K with a time of 21:48.2 (if you read between the lines, it means I beat out 6 other guys in my age category. Yup, it was quite the modestly sized race but a whole lot of fun).

Varsity Women’s 5K

37 cross country runners total; placed 4 out of 4 scoring teams

#15 Tessa 25:17.0
#17 Lia 26:09.3 (season record at 11 seconds faster this season)
#19 Sarah 26:22.3
#29 Mira 28:07.4 (P.R. at 1 min 39 sec faster than previous fastest)
#34 Sophia 31:19.0 (S.R. at 6 min 19 sec faster than previous fastest)

Varsity Men’s 5K

69 cross country runners total; placed 5 out of 6 scoring teams

#2 Luke F 16:19.6
#31 Tovi 20:03.3
#35 Sebastian 20:34.1 (P.R. at 19 seconds faster)
#36 Luke M 20:36.0 (P.R. at 23 seconds faster this season)
#54 Lucian 22:58.6
#59 Nico 25:23.4
#61 Luke J 26:06.9