Oregon City XC Invitational

The Oregon City XC Invitational on Sept 14, 2019 was our team’s third race of the 2019 season. This was our first time to participate in this invitational and our first time to place as a team this season. We had 5 women running in the J.V. 5K and 7 men running in the varsity 5K! (results below)

3K J.V. Combined (42 women, 44 men)

  • #22 Nico Di Piazza at 13:53.74 (about 70 seconds faster than Aug 29)

  • #24 Luke Jones 13:55.88 (first race!!!)

  • #17 Mira Kennelly at 16:18.34 (34 seconds faster than last week and a new p.r.)

  • #38 Sophia Shreves at 20:28.95

J.V. Women’s 5K (58 runners)

Eight teams had enough runners to qualify for team scores in the J.V. Women’s 5K. Our Trinity girls came in at #5 with 128 points. We fall within the 1A/2A division due to the size of our school. For such a small school we did great among the big schools (The Dalles-5A, Oregon City-6A, Westview-6A, Franklin-6A). Schools behind us included Corbett (a 4A school), Mountainside (6A) and Parkrose (5A).

  • #15 Annika Paivarinta at 25:15.48

  • #27 Lia Clark at 26:14.43 (almost a minute faster than last week)

  • #31 Tessa Cowley at 27:04.55

  • #39 Sarah Lawrence at 27:31.10 (her first 5K of the season and her career)

  • #43 Isabella Mask at 28:29.35

J.V. Men’s 5K (171 runners)

  • #111 Lucian Kennelly at 22:10.37 (almost 2 minutes faster than the Aug 29 race!)

  • #158 Jacob McDougall at 26:12.91 (half a second faster than last week’s time)

Varsity Men’s 5K (121 athletes competing)

After a bit of a crazy melee at the race start in which limbs were flying and Gabe’s shoe became dislodged for the duration of the race, we did great as a team! As a team we scored 305, making us #11 of 14 teams who had enough runners to score as a team. But in our district division (among C.S. Lewis Academy, Columbia Christian, North Clackamas Christian, Portland Waldorf) we were the only competing team to place on the board as a team! (Washougal at #9 is a 2A size school putting them in our same classification, but they are in Washington so a different district).

Luke F placed in the top 10 again with a new personal record while four of our runners improved on previous race times. This was Joseph’s first 5K race of XC ever and Dominic’s first race of the season (great to have them on the team!)

  • #8 Luke Frechette at 16:19.47 (Personal Record, 18 seconds faster than last week)

  • #66 Gabe Cowley at 18:47.12 (and the only competitor of the race wearing only 1 shoe, 36 seconds faster than last week)

  • #83 Tovi Paivarinta at 19:33.58 (PR, almost 1 min faster than the previous week)

  • #94 Dominic Padula at 20:09.33 (first race of 2019 season)

  • #106 Luke Mesquit at 21:19.79 (almost 1 min faster than his Aug 29 race)

  • #113 Sebastian Milton at 22:20.51

  • #115 Joseph Padula at 22:27.95 (first official cross country 5K!)

Awards Ceremony

Luke Frechette in the top 10 varsity men, placing at #8 with a time of 16:19.47 (a new p.r.)!

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