Expat Media Pro

Expat Media Pro is a collaboration of media professionals who agree to the standards which make us a bit different from others. We are people of faith, networked in one common purpose who believe that dignity is paramount in anything we produce. Each of our Expat Media Pros is an independent contractor and has their own individual availabilities, skills, geographical areas of work and prices.

We aim to produce, place and consult.


Organizations exist all over the developing world who are in need of professionals in media who know how to shoot a photo documentary story, compile a video promotional piece, put together a compelling podcast or make a website or run a social media campaign. We want to help individuals and groups who are based in non-western countries involved in projects that uplift humanity.



How do I set up a Facebook page? What kind of camera should I buy? Should I build a website and, if so, how do I do it? We help individuals and organizations get answers to their many questions and dilemmas they face. Many are based in remote locations where easy access to equipment and knowledgable personnel simply don't exist. We can help get groups the help they need.


There are so many eager media professionals coming out of American universities or out of years of experience who want to help worthy organizations, but a big need up to this point has been the networking that puts a media pro with a worthwhile project. Whether in short or long term capacity, we aim to help make matches.