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Galleries with prints for sale listed on my RedBubble page. Click the image to be taken to the site.

Galleries with prints for sale listed on my RedBubble page. Click the image to be taken to the site.

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In past years I updated my RedBubble profile with lots of favorite photos. While I am not frequently updating this site, the good news is that all of my images uploaded there can be purchased as prints and other products and I still get an occasional sale. Check out my page here.

From my RedBubble gallery. Click the image to visit the site.

From my RedBubble gallery. Click the image to visit the site.



I've been involved in video production in some capacity since studying it in college back in 1991. I earned a B.A. in Audio/Video Production in 1995 and an M.A. in Digital Storytelling in 2016. I've worked consistently for non-profits since 1995 in a full-time capacity and even today many of my side roles focus on helping organizations tell their stories visually in a way that makes sense and attempt to compel the audience.

I'm constantly learning and trying to improve, recognizing the ever-changing field as new programs come out and styles change over time.

Got a project in mind? Fill out the form below so we can chat about what you have in mind and think through the options. Whether I end up with your project or not, I want to ensure you are in the right hands and am happy to offer advice free of charge.

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Clients & Publications

Below you'll find a listing of organizations I've worked with over the years to provide photographic services in some capacity first listed by org name then shooting location(s). (All projects are mine but most come from the years before Cowley Visuals LLC was created.)

Faith-based non-profit:

  • BICWM (Malawi)

  • Ethnos 360 (Brazil)

  • Frontiers

  • Fundaçao Missão Paulo Moçambique

  • Global Interaction Australia (Malawi & Mozambique)

  • Global Prayer Digest, May 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 5), front cover photo and smaller image on page 3 illustrating their month’s focus on “Coffee, Tea and the Unreached Peoples”

  • Little Zebra Project (Mozambique)

  • Lutheran Bible Translators (Brazil)

  • Partners in Holistic Development (Malawi)

  • SIM (Mozambique)

  • Worldview (Portland)

  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (Brazil)


  • Detta Services (Mozambique)

  • Estamos (Mozambique)

  • Mandimba Alliances for Mozambique Africa


  • Chief Namwera, photo shoot for printed cloth fabric to be distributed during enthronement ceremony (Malawi)

  • FRELIMO (Mozambique)

  • Renamo (Mozambique)


  • An African Worldview. The Muslim Amacinga Yawo of Southern Malawi by Dr. Ian Dicks (Malawi, 2012)

  • Call of Nature, Vol. 1 No. 3, Winter 2001, page 5 (a publication of Babilonia Wilner Foundation, Berkeley, CA). Photograph of Badjao Sea Gypsy community in Cebu City published to illustrate the article “Organik Travels” by Theo Gonzalves.

  • Ilha de Goa Lighthouse illustration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Russ Rowlett, 2005

  • The Matola Project, monument & interpretation center/museum (Mozambique, 2013)

  • Sonlight Curriculum (Kazakhstan, Malawi)

  • Trinity Academy (Portland)


  • ACCESS Sanitation (Mozambique)

  • Cure Hospital (Malawi)

  • Gogo Chathinka Maternity Education Centre, a project for U.S. Peace Corps (Malawi)


  • David Douglas Aquatic Club (Portland)

  • En verden af fodbold by Pelle Mortensen. Printed 2016. Page 161, photo of Mozambican Yawo boy making soccer ball.


  • The Eye (Malawi)

  • The Grand Tour, season 1, ep 2, this image from South Africa aired (Nov 2016)

  • Malawi’s official tourism brochure produced by Central Africana (2008 & 2009)

  • ULENDO Magazine, the official in-flight magazine for Air Malawi, Issue 20. “Visiting Mozambique Island” article. (2012)

  • ULENDO Magazine. Article on Fort Mangochi with photos. (2011)


  • Doug & Chloë Coltart (Malawi)

  • Dan & Merin Barrett (Malawi)

  • Rolf & Natasha Patel (Malawi)