Trinity Academy Cross Country

Hi. I'm Coach Tim, Trinity's head cross country coach. The fall 2019 season is upon us soon. Find details below for our summer buildup and fall season.


I can be reached by email at or on my cell at 503.329.3052. I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find our team on Facebook and

Team Roster

  • 12th grade boys: Gabe, Jacob

  • 12th grade girls: Ruth

  • 11th grade boys: Dominic, Lucian, Luke F, Luke M, Sebastian

  • 11th grade girls: Annika, Lia, Sarah

  • 10th grade boys: Tovi

  • 10th grade girls: Sophia

  • 9th grade boys: Josiah, Nico

  • 9th grade girls: Isabella, Mira, Tessa

Running Clubs

I’d really recommend checking out a local running club. These aren’t specific to high school, but would be a fun way to run with others in your area. Check out this link to see if there is anything that looks like a good fit near you.

Summer Schedule

For our newer runners, be sure to be out 3 times each week for 30 minutes minimum. As you get more comfortable you can continue to increase your time and spice up your runs with some different types (tempo run, speed workout, longer run 1x week).

  • 6.29 8AM Wildwood Trail

  • 7.13 8AM Powell Butte main parking lot

Summer Runs (cheaper)

Let’s see if we can meet up at any of these. I will not be available, but if other runners can make it we can just organize a point person (parent or student) to arrange to all meet up and run together.

Summer Runs (costly)

Here are some more options, though the cost might be prohibitive:

2019 Season

Races we plan to participate in during the season include the following:


Recommended Resources

New to running? Worried about working up to a 5K distance? Start with checking out some of the links from this "couch to 5k" site.

Other running sites:



  • - great site for measuring distance of your runs if you don't have a GPS watch, or for creating a route that will get you the distance you want

  • - this is where I log all of my runs and I can follow the progress of friends (think social media site for athletes) Find me at


  • a handheld running water bottle (I got mine cheaply at Sierra Trading Post outlet)

  • running shoes (I prefer minimalist style, or lower drop… Gabe found good advice and a really cool 3D display of his feet at a store downtown)