Yup. That’s my family. Aren’t they cute? I like to think so. We’ve been somewhat the globe trotting family with stints in Brazil, the Philippines, Malawi and Mozambique. We’re now based in Portland, Oregon. Media production has been a part of my life since I first started editing back in the pre-digital college days! (So glad technology has moved on). Formal training gave me a B.A. in Communication Arts with an emphases in Audio & Video Production and a Masters of Arts in Digital Storytelling was completed in 2016. I most enjoy documentary style photography and filmmaking though have experience shooting weddings, portraits, landscape, macro, street and travel style as well.

Got a project in mind? Get in touch! You can also find me at about.me, FacebookInstagram, PinterestTwitter, Vimeo and YouTube. For family and personal matters, visit my personal blog. The I Am Yawo Project focuses on the language and culture of the people group of Africa I lived amongst. Expat Media Pro is a networking, production, placement and consultant group I’ve set up for media professionals overseas. Visual Peace Media is a group I’ve been involved with that seeks to create visual stories of hope and peace.

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