In Lesotho, Africa shooting some ski action in 2015

In Lesotho, Africa shooting some ski action in 2015

Hi. I'm Tim.

I'm a blessed man. Been married for over 2 decades to a beautiful and clever lady who grew up in the Amazon and met me in Ohio. We graduated from those cornfields where cow-tipping actually was a past time and headed to start our new lives on the asphalt plains of the wild west in Phoenix.

Eight years later we left for even more untamed spaces where we became intimately familiar with the joys and pains of  "the warm heart of Africa" (Malawi) then on to a more challenging, but somehow more rewarding former Portuguese colony (Mozambique).

We raised a few kids, I nearly died a few times, then it was time to re-shift yet again so our kids could get through the college years and I could regain some sanity and take a break from malaria.

We're now happily situated in Portland on the left coast where creativity runs as abundantly as the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

I'm one of those creatives who just loves to create! Photos, videos, websites, Facebook pages, screenplays, articles, audio clips... I feel alive when I'm let loose with some media equipment and my Mac.