Touring Cairo

Cairo is big. Really big. 15th-largest-city-in-the-world big. 9 million inhabitants with another 9 million in close proximity. So when I think about how bad Portland traffic is, well I’m blessed. Thankful even. It’s not even close to Cairo madness.

Fortunately, we had a good driver. I didn’t see any accidents or pedestrians injured, though I’m sure there is plenty of that, as we danced and weaved among other cars and pedestrians. Pedestrians everywhere.

My time as a tourist in Cairo was quite short with just Friday and Saturday as the only full days in which we could see some sights. That included the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx (and no, I didn’t come across any nude tourists posing atop the great pyramid but I’m quite sure I crossed paths with actress Connie Britton) as well as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. While the pyramids were a drive from the hotel, the museum was within walking distance and my traveling companions and I did plenty of that as we explored the streets and joined local friends for lunches and dinners out.

Not the history buff, I was delighted to see the sights while not being inundated with TMI though we had a fantastically informed local friend who acted as our tour guide but was sensitive to our time allotment. I could stretch my legs, take some pictures and mostly enjoy the other tourists both local and international.