Ya' Xaik Trail Yachats

Yachats is a gem. Less crowded then the more popular spots, this has been a special place for our family for a few years now. We always enjoy long walks along the beach but during our last trip we explored a short hike called the Ya' Xaik Trail.

Easily locatable through Google Maps, we parked at the trail head (not well marked from the highway) just past an apartment building. Interpretative signs along the way give a backdrop to the history of the native peoples that used to live here, including stories of the way they were mistreated by encroaching settlers bringing an alternate way of life.

After climbing some steps we were under lush tree cover that brought us along winding trails to Gerdemann Gardens and a gated entry to a nice surprise. From here we simply traced our steps back to the car. It's a perfect hike for a good stroll to stretch the legs and nothing so strenuous to keep you from enjoying the beach for the rest of your day.

(scroll through the slideshow images below...shot with Sony DSC-RX10M3 and edited in Adobe Lightroom)