Bamboo Rafting in Thailand

In March I headed to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a conference. On a day off from conference activities I was able to join with other tourists for some fun stuff I hadn't done on my 2016 visit. Naturally, bamboo rafting and elephant riding were on the docket. It's quite the well oiled machine with lots of companies offering similar packages.

One of the guides told me to leave my nice camera in the bus. Seemed like a wise idea considering we were on a raft in a river, but as it turned out the river was so shallow we could have walked most of it. I needn't not have feared. But armed with my waterproof Samsung S7 Edge and Gear 360 video camera, I still captured some fun shots from a bucket list trip.

As conference photographer, I felt it was my duty to also document our day trip. No complaints here!