An Evening with the Portland Timbers

My cousin Rachel arrived on a Friday afternoon and, despite the 3 hour time difference, she was more than game to go check out the Portland Timbers soccer game. Ironically they would be playing Philadelphia (Rachel lives there) so we just really had to go and thanks to a friend we had 2 free tickets!

I have heard good things from those who care about the Timbers and true fans are more than a bit rabid in their enthusiasm. Entering the stadium felt like entering a foreign kingdom of scarf-wearing greenies. They've got their own ecosystem complete with cultural norms and values. I felt like an anthropologist. Chainsaw wielding, never-sitters, colored smoke, time-worn chants, choir directors wearing sunflower shirts, the log... What a great time!

We headed out with 15 minutes left on the clock. While the Timbers were leading 2-1 they scored another few shots in the final moments. Bummer for us!