Bloom Lake Trail

I’ve not done much exploring in Clatsop State Forest, but my family was returning last Sunday from Cannon Beach and we found ourselves with a bit of time before dark. Why not stop at Bloom Lake Trail [AllTrails] and take a bit of a hiking break? After all, 2.5 miles shouldn’t be a big challenge.

But sometimes things aren’t well marked. Sometimes I don’t pay close attention to my GPS location on AllTrails during a hike. So we missed the turnoff to the small lake and ended up on a dirt road that spun us around to the other side of the lake. It didn’t add much distance, but for future visitors be sure to watch for the only turnoff there is. A nicely cut piece of wood marked the trail, but there was no obvious other signage.

There’s a bit of an incline early on. Mud depending on the time of year. It’s easy for sure. Enjoy!