Seattle Sights

When we first moved to Portland, we had this assumption that we would just come to Seattle whenever we felt like it. I mean, it’s close and we like visiting, but as it turns out that just doesn’t happen. So we made a plan to meet up with Naomi, Emily and Tessa after Gabe and I visited Chicagoland colleges during spring break. Emily could visit Seattle Pacific University to compare with her previous visit to Biola and we could have a fun, full Saturday downtown.

After taking the Link train downtown our first walk was to the Starbucks Reserver Roastery. I am always just a bit stunned by the beauty and class of the place but quickly find myself overwhelmed by the throngs of people so my time limit tends to run out quickly (weird, I know, for an extravert like me). Naomi and I knocked off a few McMenamin’s passport stamps and of course we waded through the wall-to-wall people stream at Pike Place and hit up the Post Alley “gum wall”. Ew, gross?

Last summer when Naomi and I were here we stayed in the thick of the tourist action, but this time we headed north up the waterfront to a much less crowded fish and chips shop at Pier 66 (Anthony’s) and enjoyed a walk through Olympic Sculpture Park. From there we walked to the Space Needle and around the area before walking back to the Link station.

The Saturday couldn’t have been any more gorgeous! The weather cooperated and life was all around us as people soaked up the sunshine.