Coyote Wall Loop Trail

The Coyote Wall Loop Trail (see Alltrails) is a lovely, stunningly beautiful out and back loop that gets you out of the forests and away from the waterfalls that are so common in the rest of the Columbia River Gorge. This was my second visit, spread out about 2 years apart (see 2017 post). Last time I went, I explored some of the trails that headed towards Old Ranch Road and that gives some nice shade cover and crosses a creek.

I would recommend you take plenty of water. It’s easy to forget to pack properly when you are used to hiking in shade where you drink less, then suddenly be in full sun for hours. During the summer, it’s a lot more comfortable if you start early. Mountain bikers also enjoy this trail quite a bit, though we only saw 2 bikers while there.

To get to the trailhead arriving from the west, head towards Hood River on the Oregon side, or Bingen on the Washington side. Once you are at the top of the steady uphill climb, the loop turnaround point can be easy to miss and is not well signposted. A map or Alltrails app can be helpful and I had no trouble with internet access from the trail.

Crybaby trail is appropriately named. If you don’t like living on the edge, you may need a helping hand to coax you along. Of course you can skip that part and just stay more in the trees at the top and just make this more of an out and back instead of loop.

And if you’re a filmmaker, here’s a free tip if you want a post apocalyptic feel for your next thriller: check out that old road with all the boulders on it!