Chiang Mai's Saturday Night Market

Growing up in the U.S., night markets were never a thing. Living in the Philippines, I don’t recall ever going to a night market either. Could be that I was just unaware of them. Certainly in rural Africa, nighttime was set aside especially for things that cannot be named. But in Thailand, night markets are pretty much the bomb if 1) you like walking a lot, 2) you like good deals, 3) you enjoy food, 4) you don’t get easily stressed out being packed wall-to-wall with people from all over the world.

I have my limits, for sure. While I love walking and food and being with people, I can’t go forever in an environment like this before needing an escape into my own space.

We stayed for a few nights at an AirBnb called Teak House just south of the southeastern entrance to the Old City, so it wasn’t much of a walk to get to the Saturday night market at Wua Lai Rd.

Here’s what that evening looked like. Good times, though I was happy to be home after 2-3 hours of walking.