Back to Bacharach

In August I took my youngest daughter with me to a conference in Germany so we could hang out with our old teammates from Mozambique who were also at the conference. We got to spend a few days post-conference with them and stayed in Bacharach at an old castle turned youth hostel on the site of Burg Stahleck. That's castle Stahleck in case your German is rusty. Burg = castle. Cool huh!

Another kinda cool thing, as I alluded to in the post, is that it was a back to Bacharach moment for me. I had been here with Shawn before and just really loved this spot and thought some day it would be fun to stay here with my family. I failed on getting them all there, but at least Tessa was with me!

Sadly, I was sick just a bit. Probably exhausted a bit from travel and conference stuff.

This city goes back to the Celtic times. Naturally. Super cool to explore and walk around the old cobblestone streets.