Storming the Castle at St. Goar

Sankt Goar, aka St. Goar, is a lovely little German town along the Rhine that Shawn and I visited a few years ago. So cool that I could return once again, but this time with Tessa and Shawn's whole family! We took a nice leisurely bike ride up along the Rhine from Bacharach intent on exploring the underground tunnels that nearly scared our socks off last time Shawn and I were in them (and low on lighting at the time). This time we were prepared with headlamps! I guess technically we were exploring Burg Rheinfels which dates back to 1245.

But, at it would turn out, zah Gehmans had closed the tunnels to castle visitors. We'd have to wait for a guided tour. No biggie. We'd bide our time by picnicking and exploring the cool castle museum and wander around like the tourists we were proud to be. The tour guide was nice enough to speak in English for folks like us.

You just can't get any more picturesque then Sankt Goar!