Lunch in Newport

When we head to Yachats we always plan a lunch in Newport, and typically it's at a Mo's seafood location. I was first introduced to Mo's back in 1995 when visiting Oregon with Naomi on our honeymoon. She was already well acquainted with the much-loved local seafood restaurant chain and it just sort of became a thing. Mo's it is!

In Newport there are actually two Mo's locations pretty much right across the street from each other. One doesn't serve the fried stuff, the other does. I'm sure there are other differences too, but I tend to like fish and chips and so can't speak to the location that doesn't serve the fried stuff.

Seafood was never a part of my growing-up experience. Strangely enough, I was in Virginia and Pennsylvania for most of my childhood but it just wasn't something our family did. So I never grew up trying crab or fresh fish. Fish sticks was about it for us. So it's been fun to explore seafood and bask in it all I can when we're on the coast.

A special treat for us this visit included some very vocal sea lions that were all fighting for space on a few floating docks created especially for them. Off in the bay, others lined the rocks.

At some point I'd love to do some deep-sea fishing. That was an occasional treat for me as a boy and I loved that experience off the coast of New Jersey or Virginia.