Latourelle Falls Hike

Sunday felt, to me at least, like the opening to the fairweather hiking club season. My goal was to find a nearby hike that included a waterfall and could be done in about 2 hours total including drive time from Portland. And because it is 2018 and the devastating fire that swept the gorge last summer has kept a lot of trails closed, I had to make sure it was open to visitors. What we ended up with was the delightful Latourelle Falls at Guy W. Talbot State Park in Corbett, OR.

The hike itself was quite easy/moderate depending on fitness level. It is about 2 miles total with some muddy patches. The upper falls is well worth seeing, so be sure to attempt that destination if you're up for it. While I had read that it wasn't usually busy, this Sunday March 11th defied the norm and parking was an issue. We got lucky, but even if we didn't end up in the parking lot we would have done like many others and parked along the road.

Some special sights in this area also include the Women's Forum (which we stopped at) and the Vista House (which we didn't). Both include breathtaking views of the gorge.