Ramona Falls

The Mount Hood Wilderness area has so many great hikes. Ramona Falls (AllTrails link) is a popular one and at 7.1 miles roundtrip it makes for a great 3-4 hour hike without significant elevation gain. We were grateful for whoever strung together the makeshift log bridge early on. (With all that downed timber something likely would have worked out otherwise with the water level this low, but no one in our group had any trouble crossing.)

The falls itself is incredibly gorgeous. It may be my favorite so far in the area, and that’s saying something with all the waterfall competition. An extra lovely surprise came from the incredible rock walls and boulder field on the north side of the lollypop-shaped loop. The most perfect little creek ever was easily crossable and allowed for some fun exploration.

We enjoyed this hike along with 3 newbies to Portland, 2 Portland natives and my wife and daughter. Be sure to have your NW Forest Pass (annual or day). I decided to park outside of the parking lot to hopefully skip a potential fine. I noted another car within the parking lot had an official forest department envelope and notice asking for $5 payment since they didn’t have a forest pass. That was nice of them to not slap them with a big fine.